Hello Dolphin Explorer teachers and students,
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Friday, April 26, 2013

Blog Challenge #4

Taking what you have learned from the dolphin project and what you already knew about the environment and conservation...

What are some things you can do to protect the planets forests, oceans or specific endangered animals?

Will you continue to care for the environment after the dolphin project program has ended?

Why is this important?


  1. I can tell my dad when we go fishing at the lake to not lose the fishing line in the water. If I see garbage around Crafton I can pick it up. Max

  2. I can recycle to help the animals and forests because it saves the trees. I can reuse water bottles too. We are going to go outside of our school and clean up the trash too! Sam

  3. i would help clean up garbage from beaches so animals dont get harmed. also i will check to see if theres any live creature in shells before i take them home. yes, i will car for animals even when the dolphin project ends. this is important because a lot of animals are become endangerd

  4. to pretect the ocean i can mke sure that i do not litter anywhere especaily on the beach. the reason i said especaily is because if you drop something in the ocean it can be mistaked for something else. for example a turtle might mistake plastic for a jelly fish and eat it. i will keep caring for the enviorment after the dolphin project ends. this important because we want to keep the enviorment as beuatiful as it is today forever.