Hello Dolphin Explorer teachers and students,
This blog was created just for YOU as a way to communicate, talk about the lessons and ask questions. I hope you find it useful. I'll be posting blog challenges, updates and "breaking news" photos or videos during the Program.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Blog Challenge #3

Comment on THIS POST below with the following:

1)First Name and Grade
2)State you live in
3)What you think of the Dolphin Project Program so far and your favorite part of the lessons!
4)Do you like science more now than you did before the Program started??

Thank you Dolphin Explorers!
Keep up the great work!


  1. 1. Sam- second grade
    2. Pennsylvania
    3. I think the Dolphin Project is awesome! My favorite part of the program is when we talk to James and get to see dolphins.
    4. I always liked science, but it is even more fun now.

  2. 1. Jada- second grade
    2. Pennsylvania
    3. The program is fun! My favorite part is getting to see the dolphins.
    4. I always liked science and I like being here to do the program.

  3. 1.Josh G.-Sixth grade
    2.New York Long Island
    3.I like the program, but it's hard to listen to James when my classmates are talking and doing HW
    4. I love science and being part of this program is awesome.

  4. Hi my name is Sam C. I am a 6th grader at POBMS. I love the dolphin project so far! I really like the fact that it is live video chatting, rather than just watching videos. With live video chatting, you get to see the dolphins being completely natural at the time they are doing their actions. With videos, all the media is pre-recorded, and it isn't as interesting as seeing the dolphins live. Also, at the end of the sessions, you have the chance to ask questions. Before the dolphin project, I already loved science. The Dolphin Project makes science in school more interesting, and more fun.

  5. Hello, my name is Audrey. I am a sixth grader living in New York. I believe that this project is a great addition to our science curriculum. Being able to see the dolphins live is very enjoyable. My favorite part of the lesson is the end where we get to ask questions. I would rather hear answers live from a expert, than just read it from a textbook. I certainly like science more because of this project. It's project makes me look forward to coming to science everyday. This project has given me chance to learn something new and interesting that most other people don't get to learn about. I feel very lucky that my class is part of this dolphin project.

  6. Hi, my name is Anna J. I am a sixth grader at POBMS and I live in New York. I like the Dolphin Project Program so far,I think it is ALOT of fun.My favorite part of the lessons are at the end,when we get to ask James questions that we have. In my opinion it is better to get information from a person rather than from a textbook or websites,online.I now like Science more than I did before the program started because now I get to learn more about dolphins and other sea creatures.

  7. 1. Ethan and 6th Grade

    2. New York

    3. The dolphin project is awesome and my favorite parts of the lessons is learning about the marine life and seeing dolphins swimming in the water.

    4. Yes. It is more fun to learn from an actual person who is at the site we are learning about then in a classroom.

  8. Hi, my name is Cassandra Conway and I am from New York. I think the dolphin project is so fun and ineteresting to leran about in my class! Everyday i learn something new on videochat sessions with James! I love seeing all the dolphins and mangrove trees! My favorite part of the lessons is when we learned about the red mangrove trees. I loved seeing all the seeds and learning about how the grow. I now like Science more than i ever did before! I love seeing all the dolhins and I apreciate all the hard work James puts into his work!

  9. Hi! My name is Maddie Barber and I am from New York. I love the wonderful experience that my class gets to have every week when we video chat with James, the crew, and especially the Dolphins. My favorite part of the lessons is learning about the different behaviors of the dolphins. Scince has always been really fun, but the Dolphin Project made it even more FUN!

  10. 1) Elliott Grade 6 POB middle school
    2) New York
    3) I love the dolphin program! It is a fun enjoyable experience for me combining, my love of science and animals. My favorite part is when we get to ask questions because it gives me a chance to learn a lot from James.
    4) Science has always been my favorite subject. The dolphin project introduced me to a whole new variety of plants and animals and I now appreciate things like the Mangrove Tree/forest. I have more of a love for science now!

  11. Hi, my name is Olivia and I am a sixth grader at POBMS in New York. So far, I am enjoying the Dolphin Project. I have learned a lot about dolphins since we started the project such as different ways they catch food, their predators, and other animals in their environment. My favorite part of the lesson is when we get to see dolphins swimming and playing with each other. I have always found science interesting, but I enjoy it even more now because we get to learn about an animal that I find fascinating. I can't wait to take a ride on the Dolphin Explorer in July!

    1. Make sure you let us know you were in the Program when you call to schedule the trip! :)

  12. 1)Danielle grade 6 POB middle school
    2)New York
    3)I love the Dolphin Project! It is so much fun learning about new things! I really enjoy seeing the dolphines and learning about them. It is an interesting topic to learn about too!
    4)Since the project started, I really enjoyed going to science class and looking forward to do something fun! It is an amazing experience when you get to see new things! I really like the Dolphine Project and I like science better than before!

  13. 1) Brian Grade 6 POB Middle School
    2) New York
    3) I really enjoy the Dolphin Project!It's really fun learning new things and video chatting with James. My class and I like to see the dolphins, and any other marine animal James shows us. This is an amazing experience.
    4) I always loved science, and while doing the Dolphin Project, I am exposed to a new area of science that I would never have thought I would enjoy! Science class is even more fun to go to when we video chat with James and learn new things.

  14. 1)Chris Grade 6 POB Middle School
    2)New York
    3)i really enjoyed the dolphin project becasue dolphins are my favorite animals and i got to learn new things about them. also i got to learn about new animals
    4) i always loved science because i love experimenting things and learning new things